TogetherJS by Mozilla to add collaboration features to your website

22 March 2015

Would you like to add a chat on your website or to show things on a website to your friends? Then you should take a look at TogetherJS, a Javascript library by Mozilla Labs (what they do is awesome) that is easy to integrate.

A growing open source Twitter dashboard

15 March 2015

Since the v0.2, the self-hostable Twitter dashboard KoalasLiveTweet can now do a little more. I got delayed in the development of this version 0.3, but I'm glad to see the application now performing as a minimal Twitter dashboard.

Make collaboration easier with the open source platform PEPS

1 March 2015

Browsing news article, I got to discover an open source collaboration platform called PEPS. It challenges Google Apps and Dropbox solutions by offering a team's members the ability to communicate and to share files between each other. And it's only the beginning !

What should every open source project care about

22 February 2015

Did it already happen to you to see an open source project that seems great, but when comes the moment to install the software on your computer or server you only find few instructions explaining how to do? The project has then missed something.

An open source Twitter dashboard that eats eucalyptus

14 February 2015

For a school project, I began to develop a Twitter dashboard to track hashtags and decided to continue afterward. Now I'm developing my own Twitter web-client because I was not satisfied with those already available.