You work on microservices? A script to update all your Git repositories

7 December 2015

When I work on projects organized as microservices, if I only update the part on which I work, it can happen that they are some bugs. It is then often needed to update regularly all Git repositories. So, I made a little Bash script as I did not found it elsewhere.

An internship at Gandi

19 November 2015

Every year at the Web School Factory, some time is left free to let us do an internship. This year I had the opportunity to do 6 months at Gandi, a Registrar for domain names, as a Junior Web Developer and now that I'm a the end of it, I would like to write how my experience was.

Thinkpad T450s: what to do after a raw Arch Linux installation

25 October 2015

I wrote how to do a basic Arch Linux installation on the Thinkpad T450s in this article. I will now describe what to install and configure next to be able to really use it. The desktop environment I'm using is GNOME so some instructions will be specific for it.

Qowala has a new logo!

14 October 2015

We are hard working on Qowala! Together with the development of the app, there is also a lot of work on the design-side and I want to tell you how we made our logo. After three weeks of work, Antoine Beauvillain has delivered to us a great logo after taking into consideration all the inputs of the team. I think you will like it, and that's only the beginning of the new visual identity of Qowala.

Third beta of Qowala 1.0 comes with great news!

13 September 2015

If you were missing some interactions in the previous beta, you can now get live notifications from Twitter directly in Qowala. Until now, we were one developer and one UX designer working on making Qowala live a great social network dashboard, but now two more people joined the project!