Gorgeous Combo: Arch Linux on Thinkpad T450s (with a Arch Linux How-to)

23 August 2015

Until now, I was using an Asus laptop that I had to buy quickly because I needed a new one for my work. However, the laptop wasn't very Linux-friendly and as I had enough with the problems I was encountering, I decided to change for a Lenovo Thinkpad T450s. First time of my life I can say I'm satisfied with a computer! I will give you also the installation guide I used for ArchLinux.

The second beta of Qowala live 1.0 is out!

11 August 2015

The Open Source Twitter dashboard Qowala live got a new release, improving a lot of things since last time I spoke about it and it is only the beginning!

elementaryOS Freya, the new Ubuntu

5 July 2015

The new elementaryOS Freya has been released some months ago, but I'm writing this article now to be able to give you a feedback after a long usage. I've been using this distribution since 0.2 Luna and I'm going to give my opinion of the new 0.3 Freya.

Technology and its effects on us

6 April 2015

I would like to write articles about my thoughts on the relation between technology and our world. Nowadays, technology is almost everywhere and is very useful to simplify our lives. However, by creating and using this, we are not always aware about all the effects it has on us. Where are we going?

One year later, how is the Open Source Jolla phone?

29 March 2015

The Jolla phone by the Jolla company has improved a lot since its release in November 2013 and has now a little sister, the Jolla tablet. I got the opportunity to try the phone and I would like to share my impressions one year after the first reviews when it was released and to see that things are changing a lot with Jolla's incredible energy.