Projects was an open source website project, started in late 2017 and abandoned around May 2018, allowing people to meet based on shared interests and venues. Its distinctive feature was that it allowed users to sign up and register their preferences online, but after that all interactions had to take place by email.


Qowala is a project I began alone in February 2015 while I was studying in Dublin and then I've been progressively joined by three friends some months later. The first version, available at, is an open source dashboard for using Twitter. It helps the user to better use social networks. One year later, we are still working on it and we have quite some ambition for this project.

Dans le pétrin

Dans le pétrin is a game developed for Cartoviz 2014 by Florian Mopin, Hippolyte Lenfant, Rémi Lopes, Valentin Richard, Antoine Beauvillain, Baptiste Trouillet and myself. It is a role-playing game where the hero has to find a gift for his girlfriend by going through Paris.

Litchees Agency

Litchees was a web agency, now closed, created by Adrien Touminet and myself for delivering cheap websites but with a minimum of quality.

Let' See Music

Let' See Music is a music visualisation software designed as part of a school project for the Terminale S SI class (Class of 2012) at the Lycée Françoise Cabrini high school. The team, consisting of BARON David, LE DUC Paul Maxime, DOUNIAUX Alexandre and myself, used the C++ programming language, the FMOD library for sound analysis and OpenGL for 3D.

Killian Kemps Arts

Killian Kemps Arts is my previous portfolio wich contains everything concerning my hobbies. You will see especially pictures I have taken with my camera like landscapes, portraits, light-paintings, macro pictures and some improvisations I have recorded on the piano.