The second beta of Qowala live 1.0 is out!

The Open Source Twitter dashboard Qowala live got a new release, improving a lot of things since last time I spoke about it and it is only the beginning!

Qowala live is an open source Twitter dashboard accessible with a web browser that you can host yourself. It first began as a small coding-project because I hadn't coded for some time, now it is a project full of promises for which, with @AdrienTou, we have a lot of ideas to make it something great.

Since this last news, the version number changed from 0.3 to 1.0.0-beta2 and we have improved a lot Qowala live in terms of functionalities and user interface. The client side has been entirely rewritten and the user interface is more attractive. As we wish that anybody can use it, we are continually improving the design by listening at the feedbacks.

You can't recognize it anymore, do you?

Qowala live v1.0 functionalities:

One of the biggest change is that our development environment is now fully operational:

What's Next? It is currently the second beta of 1.0 and we wish to integrate more features already existing on before releasing the real 1.0. Doing things this way, people will understand that they are enough features to only use Qowala instead of the official website. Currently, some features are still missing to be able to pretend that. However, next features after this release will be more advanced and make Qowala live unique in comparison to other Twitter clients. Finally, later in the future, we are planning to add other social network integration....

Go try Qowala live and give us your feedback in the comments, or better, in Taiga!

EDIT: The URL to Qowala has now changed so I updated it.

Keywords: Twitter, web, Open source, NodeJS, Javascript, HTML

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