Technology and its effects on us

I would like to write articles about my thoughts on the relation between technology and our world. Nowadays, technology is almost everywhere and is very useful to simplify our lives. However, by creating and using this, we are not always aware about all the effects it has on us. Where are we going?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, including economics, sociology and philosophy. In overall, anthropology. I'm not at all a specialist in any of these subjects, but I'm doing some research, learning from specialists and reading various books to be able to make my own opinion. Coming from the area of computers, my ambition is not to write new theories, but to try to understand the way we are living by collecting all the information that already exists. Indeed, I'm a developer, but before I'm a human. Therefore, I would be glad to listen and to read what you have to say, and to get your reactions when I share my thoughts with you.

One of the subjects that especially attracts my attention is time. With the plane and the train, with the computer and the phone, we are able today to do so much in hour in comparison to what could people do 100 years before. Nevertheless, we are still saying that we don't have enough time. Why?

Are you ready to get to know more?

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Keywords: technology, anthropology, sociology, economics, philosophy, time

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