How much time do we spend on social networks?

18 February 2018

We have developed a browser plugin as part of the Qowala project to track the amount of time we spend on social networks and you can already install it on Firefox. It is a small project that allows us to have at least one something working among our great ambitions of the Qowala project.

Reading sheet : "Zero to Maker" from David Lang

11 February 2018

It has been quite a while I didn't write posts on my blog. It is not that I have nothing to write, but rather that writing is difficult. I'm now trying other ways of communicating to spread my knowledge. I'm suggesting here a reading sheet of the book "Zero to Maker" from David Lang with a little introduction by myself to help give some context followed by quotes I highlighted.

The Bookeen Muse HD ebook reader

06 May 2017

On Christmas 2016, I received the Bookeen Cybook Muse HD e-reader that I asked for after having read Genma's articles which were promoting the brand. When I tweeted about my new reader, Genma asked me to give a feedback so I'm writing it here after several months of usage in the form of several usage cases but not as a review of the object.

Self-hosting: still getting better

19 February 2017

Several years ago, I began to self-host some services and it's quite fun to do. Today, as I'm now working as a devops/sysadmin I will explain what self-hosting is, its pros and cons and how to improve practices.

Solus may be the solution to Linux's problems

27 November 2016

I was using elementaryOS on my personal computer because its promise is to have an easy-to-use computer. It's a good operating system and it was the first GNU/Linux distribution to make me stay. However I dislike some points and I've changed to Solus.