How many times a day do you check your phone?

A few months ago, I noticed that the battery level of my phone was dropping very quickly and I suspect it was due to manipulations I did with my applications. I still don't know why my battery suddenly lost its endurance. But now I keep it constantly in energy-saving mode and it's not that bad because I use my phone less often and feel liberated.

I used to recharge my phone every two days because I had a reasonable use of it. Then one day I configured and replaced my old VPN with a new one and I suspect that it is since that day that my battery has lost in endurance forcing me to recharge my phone every day. I'm not sure if this is the root cause, but it's not the subject of this article.

So when I noticed that the battery consumption was unreasonable despite using my phone very little, I turned on the power-saving mode. The advantage of this mode compared to the airplane mode is that you can continue to receive calls and SMS messages. You can also continue to surf the Internet, but only the active application can access it. And I reload my phone every three days now.

By having this mode activated, my mailbox doesn't update itself anymore and I have a more sober use of my smartphone. I disable the power saving mode alone to benefit from the 4G connection the time to recover emails then I reactivate it immediately. Now on weekdays I check my phone only during breaks. Once in the morning before going to work, once during lunch break, then once before going back to work. That's it.

I am more and more detached from my phone but I can still be contacted in case of an emergency. People who want to join me can still send me a text message of which I will be notified or call me directly.

With the Qowala project we are working on regaining control over our 2.0 lives, that is, our use of social networks and digital devices. These tools bring us a lot of things and sometimes too much. In the case of the phone, we are constantly being interrupted and we don't have any more time to ourselves when all it takes is simple gestures and good habits to find a life balance.

If you consult your phone often, for example for social networks, if you consult your phone even in your bed before going to sleep, I advise you to to take back control with your smartphone, which can be useful but also time-consuming. A simple rule: no phone in the room and the charger outside the room too. You'll sleep better.

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