Qowala has a new logo!

We are hard working on Qowala! Together with the development of the app, there is also a lot of work on the design-side and I want to tell you how we made our logo. After three weeks of work, Antoine Beauvillain has delivered to us a great logo after taking into consideration all the inputs of the team. I think you will like it, and that's only the beginning of the new visual identity of Qowala.

When he came into the project, @French_Villain's first work was to design a new logo for Qowala to make it better distinguishable and make it show our true identity. So, he began to search other logos with a koala (yes, it is not just a coincidence that Qowala has a near pronunciation to koala), and made the following moodboard.

Koalas everywhere!

As you can see, most of these logos represent the head of a koala, some the whole body and the three last ones are only typographies. The first picture lets you understand that it is a service for listening to music. The one below uses the nose of the koala as a microphone for the logo of Radio Australia. For Qowala, we wished to have something similar which would represent a koala and have several significations. So, @French_Villain explored several possibilities by making drafts on his notebook.

An overview of the various ideas Antoine has tried

After making drafts on his notebook and after we agreed we wanted both a logotype and a mark, Antoine began to draw the logo on his computer by doing some tries with a simple face we could imagine it is a koala. As you can see below, we made several tries and changed direction several times until we found our final logo.

We draw a little line between the drafts showing our progression

_ _

So finally, here is the new logo of Qowala! We wanted to make it nice and quite unique. If you pay attention, you can see that the circle around the koala's head is like a chat bubble. We gave the koala a facial expression, somewhat mean, daring, because Qowala is currently a small project, but has enough power and potential to become a great service. In the meantime, we also changed the name from "Qowala live" to "Qowala", easier to remember and more fitting to the logo.

We hope you appreciate it and that you can feel Qowala's identity. All the drafts produced during the creation of the logo can be looked at on our Taigaproject.

How do you find our new logo?

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