Let' See Music

Let' See Music is a music visualisation software designed as part of a school project for the Terminale S SI class (Class of 2012) at the Lycée Françoise Cabrini high school. The team, consisting of BARON David, LE DUC Paul Maxime, DOUNIAUX Alexandre and myself, used the C++ programming language, the FMOD library for sound analysis and OpenGL for 3D.

Capture d'écran du logiciel avec des grilles de sphères représentant les notes de musique

This software is capable of analysing the music played in real time and producing a visualisation that reacts according to the amplitude of the frequencies. We first set up the frequency spectra to analyse the music as part of the design of the software, and then worked on the aesthetic representation we could bring to this music. For example, we arranged spheres in the form of a table so that they would each react to a small range of frequencies, or we produced a texture resembling to water that reacts to the bass of the music. We have also added a voice recognition function to the software so that it can be controlled remotely, as well as music recognition from a predefined list.

Capture d'écran du logiciel avec un plan grillagé en 3D déformé par les notes basses comme si c'était de l'eau

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