Kamo.social was an open source website project, started in late 2017 and abandoned around May 2018, allowing people to meet based on shared interests and venues. Its distinctive feature was that it allowed users to sign up and register their preferences online, but after that all interactions had to take place by email.

The idea behind Kamo.social was to list all your interests on the one hand, and then all the places where you are ready to meet people. These places could be close to home or work, it didn't matter. In the same way as the German concept of Stammtisch (which was in fact its first code name), Kamo.social wanted to facilitate the creation of groups of people with common interests who would meet up regularly.

Kamo.social's logo

The source code is open source. The software is built with Ruby on Rails and uses OpenStreetMap for mapping. In fact, it was because of the problems associated with using OpenStreetMap that I wrote a slightly critical article (in French) and development was halted.

The logo was designed by Jessica Zheng, the new design, which was in the process of being implemented, was created by Antoine Beauvillain and Adélie Fournier had started contributing to the front-end.

Latest Kamo.social's screenshot I still have

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