New design for my website

One and a half year after I switched from Wordpress to Pluxml, I changed again my website because I wasn't happy anymore with the global design.

I wanted to change my blog because it had some issues concerning typography and display on mobile: it wasn't very comfortable to let people read long texts. For a blog, it's quite a paradox. The blog also had some minor issues, like some pages with the CMS default design and other pages which I didn't design well, so the overall experience of my website wasn't very consistent.

As I said in my previous post about my new logo, the way how a logo, or here a website, is designed, tells a lot about a person's personality. So, the main reasons I changed the design was to improve the readability of the content and also to tell people "hey, I like to apply the KISS principle on what I do. So, I applied it on my website". Hope you enjoy the new design!

My previous website design in comparison

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