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Decentralizing messengers with Snikket?

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Today it is still complicated to recommend an open source and secure messenger to family and friends. Each messenger has its pros and cons. Concerning decentralized messengers, we often see a kind of centralization around several servers instead of a real decentralization of the network. It is not easy to install its own server. For example in the case of users of email which is a decentralized messaging system, even if it is not instantaneous, most only use a few large services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. As a result, when a too great percentage of users is grouped into a too small number of services, we lose the pros of decentralization and suffer of the cons of centralized services. Services are no more redundant and don't allow much freedom of choice to users. To better decentralize messengers, I discovered Snikket which offers to install our own instant messaging server easily. Could it be a good track?