An open source Twitter dashboard that eats eucalyptus

For a school project, I began to develop a Twitter dashboard to track hashtags and decided to continue afterward. Now I'm developing my own Twitter web-client because I was not satisfied with those already available.

FreshRSS, a cool self-hostable RSS aggregator

As I have a little server, I wanted to try to install some interesting software just for fun. So I began with FreshRSS, a RSS Reader which is quite easy to use and efficient in what it has to do.

Why I changed from Wordpress to PluXml

Wordpress is a great CMS that I began to use three years ago and used to create this website. However as I'm student, my website is hosted at at the cheapest offer and as the performance of the servers are quiet low, I decided to redo my website under the CMS PluXml which is lightweight.