Open source Qowala v1 almost done for Twitter

The new v1.0.0 version of Qowala is almost finished! This open source dashboard on which we are working with my team has all the features planned for letting you follow people and hashtags on Twitter and interact with them. We are just fixing some little things and making the presentation website before releasing it ;). If you wish to see how it looks, just come and try the official instance. We are willing to have a lot of feedback to improve it :D .

A mockup of Qowala's dashboard

It has been some time that I didn't write an article about Qowala, but we were still working on the v1.0.0 with its brand new design. We needed to test it on our development server and change things according to feedbacks. Now, we are close to release it. What remains is the website which will present Qowala and be the main entrance for people wanting to get to know about it. This website will have the important task to inform people on Qowala's possibilities, how it will evolve and where to use it. So, in the meantime the website is being designed, we use this time to fix some minor things and get more feedbacks from people.

_Qowala's logo designed by AntoineBeauvillain_

We took time with our beta-testing and used it to change the hosting for the main Qowala instance. So, the official Qowala instance, accessible here (yes, you can try it!):, is hosted by Clever Cloud, a French company with servers in France and USA. What made us choose this provider was the fact that it was quite simple to deploy the app. In about 5 minutes, it's all done. And for an official instance available publicly, it is quite good to know that if for some reason there is a crash, or if there is heavy traffic, the provider is able to manage it by himself. It makes less pressure on Qowala's team ;) .

So, please try and give us feedback!

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