Impressions about Vue.js by doing a dashboard

30 April 2016

I got to know Vue.js about two months ago and was greatly impressed by the quality of its guide and API. Imagine. There is one guy alone maintaining the framework and he manages to keep an up-to-date documentation. Since then, he has got to search for more people, and the team is increasing in size, but very slowly. So, seduced by the way the documentation is clearly written and easy to understand, I decided to try Vue.js on a teamwork I had to do for a company as part of my studies. I had to develop a dashboard displaying data and charts when clicking on points on a map. Before the dashboard I first had to process 100GB of data to get only the interesting information and to aggregate this information into one simple PostgreSQL database (the final data was no more than 25MB afterwards). This was also an incredible work, but I won't talk about it in this post.

Install Impala ODBC for Cloudera on Arch Linux

25 March 2016

For a project, I had to automate requests to a Impala database hosted on a Cloudera VM and I had to install an OCDB for this, but it wasn't so simple to do. I got problems to configure correctly unixodbc and afterwards to install the driver which is not available on Arch. I detail in this article how I manage the problems and what are the solutions I found. If you are in a hurry, there is a TL;DR at the end.

Open source Qowala v1 almost done for Twitter

20 March 2016

The new v1.0.0 version of Qowala is almost finished! This open source dashboard on which we are working with my team has all the features planned for letting you follow people and hashtags on Twitter and interact with them. We are just fixing some little things and making the presentation website before releasing it ;). If you wish to see how it looks, just come and try the official instance. We are willing to have a lot of feedback to improve it :D .

Display most emojis on Arch Linux and get rid of tofu characters

18 February 2016

It may happen to you as it did to me to sometimes read messages with "tofu" characters in it: these boxes with numbers in it. It means they can't be displayed with the fonts installed on your machine. Before, I didn't pay much attention to it because I could still read the message, but I really got interested while working on Qowala when some messages had only this kind of characters.

Using Vim after Sublime Text and other text editors

30 January 2016

When I began coding, I first used Notepad++ only available on Windows. Then, as a lot of new coders, I switched to Sublime Text which has nice syntaxic coloration and also an easy-to-install package manager who gives access to lots of plugins. However, I was using it without having bought the license so one day I decided to check other text editors and if I don't find something better, I buy the license for Sublime Text.