Getting free with Fairphone 2

09 September 2016

Among the reasons why I bought the Fairphone 2 is its engagement about open source. I wish with this phone to rely the most possible on free software and to control everything on my phone. This way, I'm not obliged to always buy new hardware because of software updates even though it's still working. Also, I can use the services I wish like my own cloud (powered by Owncloud haha!) instead of Google's, Apple's or Microsoft's clouds on which I don't know what is happening. Good news: Fairphone released its own open source operating system based on Android called Fairphone Open.

Switching to Fairphone 2

31 August 2016

I had enough of Windows phone so I bought the Fairphone 2. It's been a long time I was considering buying this phone, but I couldn't just buy a new phone when my current one was still working great. It would be against Fairphone's principles. So I took the opportunity that someone of the family circle wanted a smartphone to give my Lumia 925 and to buy the Fairphone 2 instead.

Migrating from Pluxml to Grav

08 July 2016

By changing the design of my website, I also chose to change the CMS I was using leaving Pluxml for Grav. Pluxml is a good CMS, but I had some little issues and I preferred to try something else.

New design for my website

30 June 2016

One and a half year after I switched from Wordpress to Pluxml, I changed again my website because I wasn't happy anymore with the global design.

Changing my personal logo

27 May 2016

The logo you see at the top of my website has been made three years ago during a work at school called "personal branding". At this time, I wasn't very familiar with tools like Adobe Illustrator and I wasn't very good at graphical work. I will describe in a later post how I designed my new logo with Inkscape, but I will explain here what are the reasons why I designed it like this.